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Knowledge of agricultural machinery maintenance

1. Before starting the machines and tools, necessary inspection shall be carried out to clean up the sundries. Tighten the transmission parts and tensioning mechanism of the machine and tools; add lubricating oil (grease) to the lubricating points and transmission parts. Check whether the machine parts are damaged, whether the hanging points and control mechanism are tight, reliable and flexible, and whether the battery is normal. Carefully check whether the engine block, cylinder head and cooling system are in good condition, and whether the water channel is blocked for looseness and water leakage.

2. Keep the cooling system clean. The scale in the water tank, water jacket and radiator of agricultural machinery should be completely removed to make the water pipe of water pump and radiator unblocked and ensure the normal circulation of cooling water.

3. After the inspection, add fuel, cooling water and oil. Among them, the original oil in the machine should be drained and then filled with new oil to extend the service life of the machine parts.

4. Check the "start-up" and "operation" of the machines and tools. Check whether there is oil leakage and water leakage, whether the starting sound is normal, whether the exhaust smoke color of the engine is normal, and whether the power transmission part of the chassis runs smoothly without noise. Check whether the steering, braking and other control mechanisms are sensitive and reliable, and immediately eliminate the fault.

5. Tire maintenance. Remove the debris in the tire tread. If the tire is damaged or the tire tread has been worn flat, repair or replace the new tire in time. In summer, the temperature is high, do not over inflate the tire, otherwise it is easy to have a tire burst, and do not expose to the sun.

6. Security. All agricultural machinery and tools should be placed in a cool, dry, ventilated and clean warehouse, and regularly check the warehouse, do a good job in fire prevention and waterproof work, and timely eliminate hidden dangers, so as to make full preparation for the arrival of the busy schedule

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