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Precautions for purchasing agricultural machinery and tools.

1. Pay attention to the regional adaptability of agricultural machinery products.

Any kind of agricultural machinery has its adaptability, which is mainly restricted by natural conditions (such as soil conditions, land conditions, electric power conditions, local farming habits, farmers' awareness of mechanized operation, etc.). If the purchase is improper, the purchased agricultural machinery products can not work normally and bring unnecessary losses to themselves. For the corn combine harvester, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the harvesting row spacing is consistent with the local planting form, otherwise it can not carry out normal operation

2. Choose the products of large enterprises or famous brands.

Before purchasing agricultural machinery products, it is necessary to carefully consult the surrounding farmers or experts from relevant departments to understand the quality of products sold in the market. In particular, when purchasing expensive large-scale agricultural machinery products, it is necessary to understand the situation of the products and production enterprises in detail. You can ask the farmers who have purchased the machines, or consult the technical personnel of the local agricultural machinery department. You can also go to the scene to watch the mechanical operation. Try to buy the products produced by large enterprises, preferably famous brand products with high popularity.

3. Purchase from qualified and reputable Agricultural Machinery Distribution Department.

Don't be greedy for low price, don't be biased to the promotion of the products by the dealers. We should comprehensively consider the product quality, product price, three guarantees service, etc., and compare the products with those of the others. What needs to be reminded to farmers is that a small tractor is often only a few hundred yuan cheaper, and a matching machine may be only tens of yuan cheaper. Once cheated, it will cause great losses.

4. Choose products with sufficient spare parts supply and good technical service.

Before purchasing, be sure to inquire about the supply of spare parts and the manufacturer's after-sales service from the local agricultural machinery sales department and experienced operators. Generally speaking, if more popular models are used locally, the supply of spare parts is more sufficient, and the after-sales service of manufacturers is also better. When purchasing the machine, you should ask the seller about the use, maintenance and maintenance of the product, ask for the three guarantee methods and time limit of the product, and write down the telephone number and address of the repairer.

5. Carefully inspect the goods with the seller when purchasing.

(1) Check whether the attached documents such as product certificate, instruction manual and three guarantee certificate of the purchased products are complete, and whether the address and telephone number of the manufacturer and after-sales service unit are included in the documents.

(2) Check whether the random tools, accessories and spare parts of the purchased products are consistent with the packing list, and check the appearance quality of the products, and check whether the parts and components of the purchased agricultural machinery are complete and damaged.

(3) Test run the power machinery, find out the quality problems, timely eliminate or replace the product.

(4) For tractors and combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery products, it is also necessary to carefully check whether the frame number, engine number and delivery date are consistent with the contents marked on the product and product certificate, so as to avoid any trouble when claiming for compensation or applying for license plate from the local agricultural machinery supervision department in the future.

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