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How to choose good agricultural machinery and accessories?

1. "Three none" products. There should be Chinese name, address and product certificate on the product and label. If there is no product, it will be "three none" product. The production of "three noes" products is not standardized, and it is impossible to find the person responsible for the three guarantees.

2. False publicity. The configuration and performance of the product do not conform to the actual publicity. Such as exaggerating the power of the diesel engine on the combine, but the actual power is not enough to operate normally; exaggerating the tractor's load capacity, the tractor is easy to be damaged when it is loaded.

3. Replace the inferior with the good. Fake and inferior products and unqualified products are sold as qualified products. The machine assembly quality is poor, many oil leakage.

4. Assembling and refitting. Assembly refers to the assembly of waste parts, while refitting refers to changing the original specifications, technical parameters and performance. The phenomenon of assembling and refitting agricultural tractors and tricycles is serious. The assembled and refitted agricultural machinery products may be similar to the qualified products in appearance, but the mechanical performance index can not reach, so the safety hidden danger is bigger. Farmers should observe carefully when buying.

5. Cut corners. Stealing is not according to the process of production, simplify the process or reduce the process, reducing material refers to reducing the use of material specifications.

6. Replace the old with the new. It refers to the reprocessing and packaging of used products and passing off as qualified products.

7. It does not meet the requirements of license management. The license and certification marks of agricultural machinery and spare parts industry in China mainly include industrial product production license and "3C" certification. Those without production license and "3C" certification mark cannot be purchased.

8. It does not meet the safety requirements. Products without safety protection or safety protection not conforming to the standard requirements, without safety signs or safety signs not conforming to the requirements of standards have potential safety hazards, which are easy to cause personal injury.

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